FIA Japan Survey and Recommendation on Establishment of Comprehensive Market

In November 2018, FIA Japan sought a wide range of representatives, from within Japan and overseas, to organize a Comprehensive Market Strategy Committee to consider the structure of a Comprehensive Market. The aim (of the committee) is market development in relation to the launch of a comprehensive market, integrating the securities and commodity derivatives markets.

In December 2018.  FIA Japan conducted a survey of participants in the derivatives industry regarding the comprehensive market possible future structure. Based on the survey and discussion at the committee, FIA Japan issued a report and proposal concerning the creation of a comprehensive market in Japan.

For details, please see below:

Integrated Market Survey 

Report and Proposal Concerning the Creation of a Comprehensive Market in Japan


FIA Japan has been discussing with regulators on various issues in the past, including the comprehensive market and HST. Please refer to the below information for details.

Letter to Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy - July 6, 2007

Letter Supporting Japan’s “Comprehensive Exchange” Project - April 24, 2012

Presentation at Public Hearing on Japan’s Financial Sector and Integrated Exchange - November 19, 2010

JPTG Comments to Proposals for the Implementation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act relating to High Speed Trading - November 22, 2017