Market Research of Mechanisms to Improve Participation and Activity in Japanese Financial Markets

Since 2010 the Japanese financial markets have evolved considerably. Both in terms of re-organisation (actual and suggested mergers), and 'upgrading' of technology and infrastructure. Following these changes, FIA Japan began to develop a series of suggestions to improve the efficiency and participation in the Japan markets. 

The areas of focus included Co-location Services/ Networks, Matching Engines and Clearing, but also include rules, regulation and business practice. As the suggestions were developed, they were discussed directly with the representatives from every segment of the market (exchanges, brokers, technology firms, investors, etc). Those representatives participated in this process over the past year and a half and provided feedback.

As a result of this process, some of the suggestions made by FIA Japan have already been implemented by participants in the Japanese markets. A summary of the suggestions made over this period are presented in the report - “Market Research of Mechanisms to Improve Participation and Activity in Japanese Financial Markets“.

Sean Lawrence, serving as Chairman of our Financial Instruments Committee, coordinated market research efforts with the Technology Committee and the Comprehensive Exchange Committee of FIA Japan. Together they gathered input from Japanese and foreign brokers, exchanges and financial industry technology companies. The views of these direct market participants also include input from certain of their clients who invest in Japan. As such, the ideas presented here are a fair, balanced and representative view of opinion. 

FIA Market Research Improving Participation