Letter re Comprehensive Exchange

Following our visits to and discussions with the FSA, METI, and MAFF, the Comprehensive Exchange Committee is pleased to report that FIA-Japan has sent each regulator a letter from Chairman Mitch Fulscher to formalize our support of the Comprehensive Exchange Project and simultaneously make our concerns known. 

Chairman Fulscher reiterated FIA-Japan's long-held stance that the "silo" separation in Japan's markets pose a hindrance to business development, and expressed FIA-Japan's conviction that for Japan to regain a position of competitive strength in Asia's markets, we need clear messaging and urgent action.   The letters, complete with a detailed Appendix, can be seen below.

Web_FIAJ Statement 201204_FSA

Web_FIAJ Statement 201204_MAFF

Web_FIAJ Statement 201204_METI

Note: The same content for each ministry.