The FIA Japan Technology Committee mission consists essentially in educating and providing thought leadership on how technology advancements can better serve, support or even transform the financial services industry businesses in Japan.

The committee is composed of members issued from the entire financial eco-system, spanning from Exchanges to Technology Providers and Brokers/FCMs, allowing thus a fair, balanced and representative view of opinions in the technology-related topics addressed by the committee.


Report Archives

2016 November, 1 - Seminar: Cloud Computing Services Usage by the Financial Services Industry: Business Models and Japan's Regulatory Approach

Event Special Report

English: 2016-11-01_Cloud_Computing_Services_Event_Report_EN.pdf

Japanese: 2016-11-01_Cloud_Computing_Services_Event_Report_JP.pdf

Other seminar resources available here


2016 May - An Executive Summary of FIA Global "Guide on the Development & Operations of Automated Trading System" (English and Japanese)

Download the document here


2016 February, 1 - 2016 Japan Exchanges / Clearing Houses - A Comprehensive Roadmap (English only)

Webinar access and registration page at the following link:

Download the document:  JPX  TFX  TOCOM


2015 October, 13 - White Paper

“Automated Trading Systems: 5 fundamental questions to assess the technology-related risks”

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2014 April, 16 - Market Research

“Trading and Clearing test Environments Recommendations”

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