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FIA Japan New Year Party 2023

For the very first time since the Covid pandemic hit Japan in March 2020, FIA Japan held its New Year Party at the International House on February 15. Around 90 high-level industry professionals participated in the event, as well as the regulators (FSA, METI and MAFF).

Under the leadership of our Promotion & Event Committee Chair Kishida (JP Morgan), this New Year Party had an exceptional line-up of guest speakers: FSA Commissioner Nakajima, METI Director Kitamura and OSE President & CEO Iwanaga. FIA President & CEO Lukken participated through a video message to FIA Japan members, while FIAJ ex-Chairman and former Ambassador to Serbia Maruyama shared a few words on his experience in Europe.

After the traditional “Kampai!” that opened the cocktail reception, we organized a short panel discussion on how to promote the Japanese futures market in a relaxed atmosphere. FIAJ Market Development Committee Chair Nakamura (ABN AMRO Clearing) moderated this interesting session, during which various candid views and opinions were shared by our panel of experts representing global FCMs, retail brokers, commodity business, principal trading, as well as the regulator (FSA).

As FIA Japan resumes its physical networking events and educational seminars, we look forward to reuniting in person on a regular basis and offer forums of discussion to the industry. Our next scheduled event will be a reception following the AGM scheduled for May 24. More details will be made available as we get closer to the date. Stay tuned!



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