Commodity Study Group

The Commodity Study Group (CSG) works with its members to improve the market experience for participants and to contribute to the development of the global commodity trading activities as well as Japan’s commodity market.  CSG consists of FCMs, proprietary firms, clearing firms and exchanges.  They are closely involved in commodity futures and OTC derivative markets with well experienced knowledge in various commodity spaces both domestically and internationally.


CSG strives to:  

- Provide forums of discussions on the matters related to commodity market 

- Identify problems that inhibit growth and suggest solutions

- Verify and discuss existing market mechanisms and improvements, and prepare the proposals for further development of market efficiency and functions 

- Study overseas market experiences and consider their relevance to Japan

- Study market conditions and industrial and regulatory environment for the members’ benefits and interests.

- Organize and participate in industry events


By continually communicating with members having many different perspectives, the CSG works to promote commodity market with best practice.


Report Archives

March 1, 2017 FIA Japan Request to National Futures Protection Fund for Fee Exemption for Non-beneficiaries
March 9, 2018 TOCOM’s initiatives to establish Electricity Futures market in Japan