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Futures Industry Association of Japan



Futures Industry Association Japan (FIA Japan) is the only organization in Japan with a membership drawn from the entire cross section of the futures industry. Members include futures and securities exchanges, FCMs, security firms, banks and other users of the markets, as well as legal, technology and other professionals that provide services to the industry. We focus on both financial and commodity markets and we stay abreast of both domestic and international development in this global industry. 

FIA Japan was established in 1988 as a volunteer-based association, with participation of professionals from both the Japanese and foreign futures industry, with the encouragement of The Futures Industry Association based in Washington DC (FIA).  FIA Japan was reorganized as an independent General Incorporated Association, under Japanese law, in 2010 to help it succeed with its mission.

In 2016, FIA Japan entered into an affiliation agreement with FIA creating a more formal relationship between the two organizations, in order to better coordinate policies and promote the cleared derivatives industry. FIA Japan continues as an independent organization, with its own Mission, and its Board of Directors elected by its members, operating under its Articles of Incorporation, with a specific focus on the development of the Japanese financial markets.

Futures and options markets play an essential role in today’s marketplace and dramatically expand and enhance the investment choices available to financial managers around the world. In Japan this industry, as well as the regulatory structures, is now modernizing as a part of the efforts to establish Tokyo as true global financial center. In this circumstance, the role of FIA Japan has become even more important.

FIA Japan's mission is to encourage the growth and success of the Japanese financial market-place and its development as a regional and global financial center. 

フューチャーズ・インダストリー・アソシエーション・ジャパン(以下FIAジャパン)は、先物業界の全セクターの会員から横断的に構成される、日本で唯一の団体です。 FIAジャパンの会員は、先物・証券取引所、証券会社、商品取引会社、銀行や他の市場参加者、さらにこの業界にサービスを提供するIT企業、法律事務所や他の専門業種に及びます。私達は金融、商品市場の双方に焦点をあて、この国際的な業界の国内外の発展と共に歩んでいます。

FIAジャパンは、ワシントンDCに拠点を置くFutures Industry Association(FIA)との建設的合意の基、1988年に国内外の先物取引業界の専門家が参加する任意団体として設立されました。 2010年には当初のミッションを継承すべく、我が国における一般社団法人としての産業団体に再編されました。 2016年には、FIAとより円滑な政策調整を行い、デリバティブ業界の促進に資するための関係を強化すべく、より公式かつ広範囲にわたる提携協定を締結しました。 FIAジャパンは独自のミッションを持つ独立した組織として、会員によって選出された理事会を有し、独自の定款に基づいて運営され、日本の金融市場の発展に注力し続けています。





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