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Market Development Committee

The Market Development Committee’s (MDC) mission is to tackle issues to help develop and grow the financial markets in Japan, including listed derivatives and any other financial product that directly or indirectly impacts trading of futures and options (F&O). Following the establishment of the “Comprehensive Exchange” and migration of some commodity markets to Osaka Exchange - OSE (regulated under Financial Instrument and Exchange Act - FIEA), MDC was reorganized in 2020 to better respond to this new environment and now encompasses two sub-committees: The Commodity Committee, focusing on commodity derivatives and their links to the physical markets, and Japan Principal Trading Group (JPTG) focusing on issues faced by proprietary trading firms. 


MDC intends to have open discussions over matters that could help enhance the futures and options market, and other financial markets, in an orderly and fair manner, and welcomes participation from any sector of our industry. Recognizing the cash market’s intrinsic relation to the F&O market, MDC also intends to cover cash market related issues to help the overall market’s further development.


MDC is also keen to provide information, education and suggestions to various parties to help enhance the Japanese financial markets."


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