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Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee of FIA Japan is to promote and maintain FIA Japans membership. It seeks potential members, supports the potential member’s filing of an application form, receives and checks the application form and finally forwards the application to the Board together with additional information for its approval. It supports existing members and maintains the list of members. 


For FY2020, the Membership Committee plans to widen the number of members to include global Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) by attracting them to the Association through the activities of FIA Japan, such as the futures industry-wide standardized Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) side letter for the Variable Margin Gain Haircut (VMGH). This will be in addition to promoting FIA Japan membership by leveraging our activities around Principal Trading Groups (PTGs), Comprehensive Exchange and related technology with overseas proprietary trading firms, security houses and other service providers.



2020年度の活動目標としては、グローバル先物取引業者(Futures Commission Merchant - FCM)各社の加入数拡大を目指し、その際には日本証券クリアリング機構(Japan Securities Clearing Corporation – JSCC)の第二特別清算料に関する顧客契約についてFIAジャパンの進める先物業界における標準化活動をもって加入を促す予定です。また、従来通り、プリンシパル・トレーディング・グループ(PTG)、総合取引所、テクノロジー分野におけるFIAジャパンの活動を通じて、海外プロップファーム、国内証券会社、その他のサービスプロバイダーの新規加入の獲得を目指します。

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