Newsletter Editorial Board

Newsletter Editorial Board Charter

The Editorial Board (EB) publishes and distributes five editions per year of a bilingual newsletter that covers news relevant to both financial & commodity futures in Japan and includes topics on the various players involved in our industry (i.e: regulatory bodies, exchanges,

associations, technology firms, FCMs, etc.). The newsletter is unique in its format, and receives a lot of substantial interest globally.

•Objectives: distribute pertinent information on the Japanese futures industry in order to promote its development, while improving communication within the Association.

•Who can participate: EB welcomes the participation of any industry professional who shares our objectives (please contact the Editor at

•Content Policy: fact-oriented, neutral and easy to comprehend information related to or impacting the futures industry in Japan in both English and Japanese.

•Distribution: electronic (now reaching over 900,000 contacts globally thanks to our partner firms: FIA, JPX, TFX, TOCOM, Colt, Rakuten, ABN Amro and ADVFN) and hard copies at major industry events (FIA Chicago Expo, FIA IDX, FIA Asia Conference, etc.)



  • 目的:協会内のコミュニケーションを活性化するとともに、日本の先物業界の発展を後押しするために適切な情報を配信

  • 参加できる方:編集委員は、我々の目的を共有してくださる当業界の方々の参加を歓迎  編集委員会は我々の目的を共有してくださる当業界の方すべてを歓迎します(editor@fiajapan.orgに連絡を)

  • 記事の指針:英語・日本語の両方を用い、日本の先物業界に関連し、影響を与える総合的な情報を、事実に基づき、中立的に、また、簡潔に伝える。

  • 配布:電子配信(現在、FIA、JPX、TFX、TOCOM、Colt、楽天、ABNアムロ、ADVFN等のパートナーを通じて、国際的に90万を超える配信先)と、主要イベント(IAシカゴEXPO、FIA IDX、FIAアジア・コンファレンス等)での印刷物の配布