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Forum for Discussion/Communication

To provide members with valuable up-to-date information and support their business development, FIA Japan serves as an open forum for discussion of key issues affecting the industry.  We issue newsletters in English and Japanese on a periodic basis to report the news of industry developments and of our activities.

In our international liaison with FIA Washington, FIA-Asia and other international organizations, we share information and views concerning developments in futures and options trading in Japan and other countries.  To promote networking of members and expansion of business opportunities, we hold receptions and social events periodically.





Monitoring Regulatory and Legal Developments

Solid understanding of the instruments and markets is one of the keys to sound development of a futures market.  That is why the FIA Japan provides a variety of educational seminars and promotes participation in conferences and other forums to both members and the public at large.  We also participate at international conferences giving presentations on the developments in the Japanese markets.

FIA Japan monitors developments in Japanese legislation and regulation, supports and cooperates with regulators and serves to provide the community with market and new regulatory development information.  The goal is to help support the sound growth of the Japanese futures industry.
We comment on Japanese legislative and regulatory developments and exchange rules affecting the futures markets and its participants by issuing white papers.  FIA Japan and our task force team have issued several reports for the Japanese derivatives markets.  We often hold discussion with regulators about pending regulatory issues.





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