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Operations Committee

FIAJ Operations Committee focuses on the trading and clearing operational aspects of exchange-traded listed derivatives and centrally cleared derivatives. The committee aims to identify and address issues related to operational risk, increase efficiency and improve operational systems and processes. The committee also focuses on the regulatory changes, capital agenda, management issues and the development of industry best practice, and proactive communication with regulators and exchange/CCPs.



 - Identify the operational challenges which could               increase  operational risks, and validate/assess those     challenges from multiple perspectives, such as industry     practice, accounting, legal or regulation and tackle on as   an industry body.

 -Analyze and validate operational impacts from       regulatory changes, new products introduction and rule   changes at exchanges and/or CCPs, and share those     impacts with FIAJ members. 

 - Assess the capital impacts and management impacts   from regulatory changes and discuss / advocate with the   exchanges, CCPs and regulators where necessary. 

May 2023

Activity Reports & Committee Minutes




  • 先物取引・クリアリングにおけるオペレーション上の課題を特定し、オペレーショナル・リスク増大につながる課題について業界慣習、会計処理、法務上の課題、規制等の観点から幅広く検証し、根本原因を解決すべく取り組みます。

  • 取引所、CCPにおける規制の変更、新規商品対応、規制当局によるレギュレーションの変更等に対し、オペレーション上の影響を分析し、FIA Asia/Global等と連携し、FIA Japan会員に対し周知を行います。

  • 資本規制の変化に伴う影響を分析し、それに伴う経営上の課題に対して取り組み、必要に応じて規制当局、取引所、CCP等との対話を行います。

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