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FIA Japan Request to National Futures Protection Fund for Fee Exemption for Non-beneficiaries

FIA Japan Request to National Futures Protection Fund for Fee Exemption for Non-beneficiaries

The FIA Japan Commodity Study Group submitted a proposal to the National Futures Protection Fund to revise its fee structure in December 2016. The discussion followed concerns from domestic and foreign institutional customers (non-retail customers) who do not qualify for the payment of claimable assets (up to 10 million yen per customer), or the so-called payoff compensation. The market share of institutional investors at TOCOM has continued to increase, and contributes significantly to the contractual fee paid to the NFPF on every trade made on the Exchange. The NFPF considered the proposal and send the following reply in February 2017.

We welcome comments from the industry on this issue. You may submit your comments through the contact form on our website.


FIAJ Request for Fee Exemption for Non-beneficiaries.pdf

2017.02.20 NFPF Response to the Letter Request for Exemption from the Cost Allocation to Non-Beneficiaries.pdf

2017.02.20 NFPF On the Business and Membership Fee of NFPF.pdf

2017.02.20 NFPF1 - Excerpt of the relevant parts to the NFPF business from the Commodity Derivatives Act.pdf

2017.02.20 NFPF2 - Excerpts of the relevant parts to the NFPF from On the Reform of the Commodity Futures Market System (Interim Report).pdf  

2017.02.20 NFPF3 - Excerpt from Operating Rules of the National Futures Protection Fund.pdf








FIAJ 「非受益者に対する費用負担の免除」に係る要請.pdf

2017.02.20 (本文)非受益者に対する費用負担の免除に係る要請に対する回答.pdf

2017.02.20 (添付業務説明)委託者保護基金の業務及び会費について.pdf

2017.02.20 (資料1)当基金の業務に係る商品先物取引法の規定.pdf

2017.02.20 (資料2)産構審商品取引所分科会の当基金に関係する部分.pdf

2017.02.20 (資料3)業務規程からの抜粋.pdf

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