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FIA Japan issued Opinion Paper to the Cabinet Office

Recently the inadequacy of the Japan financial market has been focused on by the Prime Minister's Cabinet. Prime Minster Abe's announced platform addresses these shortfalls and his intention to make changes. FIA-Japan was invited to meet with the special Cabinet Office Working Group and discuss our views with them, and we were asked to write a letter with our recommendations.


On July 6, 2007, our Board approved the attached letter which was sent to the Cabinet Office.

The comments identify the priorities that should be focused on in order for Tokyo to become a global financial center. The critical priority action steps outlined in the letter include:

  • Develop a clear Strategy for the Tokyo Financial Market

  • Eliminate the financial market Silos"

  • Create a competitive environment

  • Encourage international entry, remove regulatory hurdles

  • Establish a High Level promotional Tokyo Financial Center Office

English version         FIAJ letter




  • 東京金融市場のための明確な戦略の作成

  • 金融市場の”サイロ”の解消

  • 競争的環境の整備

  • 海外からの参入の推奨、規制障害の排除

  • 東京金融市場のハイレベルな宣伝促進機関を設立

日本語版(翻訳) JP_FIAJ letter

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