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Promotion Committee


  • To develop a marketing plan and monitor the execution of such by various FIAJ committees.  

  • To drive the relationship with various market participants: Exchanges, Regulators, Government, Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) and other organizations.



  • Create Digital marketing plan for each of the following:

          - Social Network Services (SNS)

          - Newsletter

          - Blog

          - Press Release

          - Website

  • Create education plan in conjunction with various committee – Seminars and Events

  • Develop Tokyo Financial Center Concept

          - Promotion of Tokyo as an alternative to Hong Kong

  • Relationship building with other industry organizations 

          - American Chamber of Commerce Japan (ACCJ)

          - FinCity.Tokyo

          - International Banking Association (IBA)

  • Create a marketing plan that will assist in building better relationships with:

          - Regulators

          - Non-FIAJ members

          - FIAJ members


To be updated

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