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FIA Global Announces Merger Plans

Under a new governance structure - FIA Global - set up two years ago, FIA, FIA Europe and FIA Asia have collectively, strengthened their influence on cross-border issues and substantially increased the coordination and information flow between regions. They have also provided a powerful voice to express the views of their members when dealing with legislative, regulatory and market issues in their respective time-zones. In August 2015, FIA announced that the respective boards of FIA, FIA Europe and FIA Asia have all approved a plan to proceed toward a merger of the three organizations, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016. The boards of the three organizations believe a merger will provide the industry with a robust, powerful and effective global association, with strong regional focus, to promote its interests. FIA Japan‘s Executive Committee and Board of Directors discussed this important development and noted that this merger would not cause a change in our relationship or in our continued interest in being a strong affiliate with FIA going forward.


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