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TFEX launched Japanese Rubber Futures - A Cash Settled-Contract Based on OSE Rubber prices

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) and Thailand Futures Exchange Ltd (TFEX) announced that the two exchanges signed an agreement related to the launch of a new rubber futures contract on TFEX. On November 30, TFEX started a cash-settled “Japanese Rubber Futures” contract that is based on the price of the Rubber Futures (RSS3) contract traded on OSE.

The new contract uses the OSE RSS3 Futures contract delivery price as the final settlement price.

The OSE RSS3 Futures contract was launched in 1952 on the Tokyo Rubber Exchange (which after merging with other exchanges became the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM)), and has been widely used across the globe by rubber industry participants and investors. Its price is recognized as one of the international benchmark prices for natural rubber. RSS3 Futures were transferred from TOCOM to OSE on July 27, 2020 following the business integration between Japan Exchange group (JPX) and TOCOM.

Both exchanges believe that the listing of Japanese Rubber Futures on TFEX will contribute to further the development of both rubber futures markets by offering new investment opportunities to Thai investors as well as global investors, and through the expansion of market liquidity arising from arbitrage trading between Thailand and Japan.



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