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FIA Japan New Year and Spring Party

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

FIA Japan held its New Year and Spring Party at the exclusive Ark Hills Club on February 3rd. Over 100 industry professionals participated to the reception, along with many other guests including from the regulators (namely FSA, METI and MAFF).

FSA Commissioner Endo and OSE President and CEO Yamaji also participated as guest speakers.

Mr. Endo delivering a guest speech

Mr. Endo reminisced on his involvement in considering an exchange integration 7 years ago, when he was Deputy Director-General in charge of markets. However, during this 1-year term, there wasn’t enough time to produce an actual direction for the project. As Commissioner, he is very pleased to finally see the realization of the Comprehensive Exchange. He was grateful for all the comments received from many market participants, as well as from JPX and FIA Japan, which help lead to this achievement. Finally, though July 2020 marks a remarkable start point, he asked for the help of all relevant parties, including FIA Japan, to further develop the Comprehensive Exchange as a major player on the global scene.

Mr. Yamaji also discussed the realization of the Comprehensive Exchange through the merger of JPX and TOCOM, and expressed his high expectations for July 2020, when non-energy commodity products are planned to be migrated from TOCOM to OSE.

(Left to right: Chairman Yasuo Mogi, Secretary Koichiro Ohashi, Director Izumi Kazuhara)
Traditional party closing by FIAJ Officers/Directors

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