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JPX COO & TSE CEO Hiromi Yamaji Inducted into FIA Hall of Fame

FIA announced on its website that JPX COO & TSE CEO Hiromi Yamaji was inducted into the FIA Hall of Fame this year. The FIA Hall of Fame celebrates and recognizes the significant contributions individuals have made to the listed and cleared derivatives industry. During Boca 2022, FIA celebrated the latest 10 new members to its Hall of Fame on Wednesday 3/16 afternoon with a ceremony followed by a reception.

Walt Lukken, president and CEO of FIA said: “We established the FIA Hall of Fame to recognize the people who have made exceptional contributions to the growth and development of the futures, options and listed derivatives industry. This year’s inductees represent business leaders, advocates, policymakers, and visionaries who have provided the leadership and support necessary to keep our industry growing. We are grateful for their service and honored to present them with this recognition.”

Richard Clairmont, Chairman of FIA Japan commented: “We want to congratulate Mr. Yamaji on this important achievement and industry-wide recognition. Mr. Yamaji has also been very supportive of FIA Japan, notably as the former CEO of OSE, and was a keynote speaker at many of our events. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with him in his roles at JPX and TSE.”



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