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Membership Committee: Introducing DAIKI SANGYO CO., LTD.

FIA Japan recently welcomed the following company as a new member.

DAIKI SANGYO Co., LTD. is a commodity futures broker headquartered in Nagoya, with branches in Tokyo, Osaka and other cities, and has a 70-year history since its establishment in 1950.

The company is presently dealing in the listed products on TOCOM and TFX. Based on its long-standing tradition, and actively seeking human resources and know-how from other companies, DAIKI SANGYO is working to provide best-partner level of face-to-face trading services for individual customers in relation to commodity, currency and equity derivatives. With the establishment of the Comprehensive Exchange, the company plans to register as a Type1 financial business operator that handles not only commodities but also securities.

Mr. Kurumada, the representative to FIAJ, was actively participating in FIAJ activities as a Board member for seven years since 2007. We look forward to his renewed participation in our activities.



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