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TFX Launched Click kabu 365 Contracts linked to Gold and Crude Oil

On September 13, 2021, TFX launched two contracts of Click kabu 365 that are linked to the value of commodities for the first time: “Gold ETF Daily Futures with Reset Date “and “WTI ETF Daily Futures with Reset Date”. TFX offers an improved convenience to investors, as they can now trade various assets and major local/overseas equity indices (i.e. Nikkei 225 and DJIA, etc.) with a single account, building various investment strategies and diversifying risks.

While both contracts have a risk profile linked to commodities (i.e. tracking the prices of gold/WTI), they are equity index daily futures listed on the Exchange; daily rollover is applicable until expiry about 15 months after listing (if not offset); the underlying products are “SPDR® Gold Share ETF” and “Simplex WTI ETF” respectively.



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