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TFX launched Equity Index Daily Futures with Reset Date

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

TFX has re-launched Equity Index Daily Futures (aka Click Kabu 365) with revised product specifications as of October 26th, 2020.

Click Kabu 365 is based on the stock indices of major countries such as the Nikkei 225 and DJIA, and it is tradable almost 24 hours a day, including Japanese national holidays. Trader can benefit from receipt of dividends from their long positions. Due to its overall simplicity and usability, Click Kabu 365 has been generating significant support from Japanese individual investors over a long period, and it is expected that the product renewal this time will further improve the user-friendliness, not only for the domestic investors, but also for investors around the globe.

1. Annual Reset.

On an annual basis, all Click Kabu 365 products will be settled at a final settlement price to effect a “reset”. This “reset” is expected to have the effect of strengthening the price correlation with the underlying assets, and hence improving market liquidity with tighter bid-offer spreads.

2. Mini-Sized DJIA Daily Futures

While Equity Index Daily Futures products are traded in “Stock Index x 100 JPY”, DJIA Daily Futures are now tradable in mini size “Stock Index x 10 JPY,” which would make the product much more accessible and with a smaller margin.

Please visit the TFX website for more information on the new Click Kabu 365.



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